Residential Design and Space Planning

We enjoy helping homeowners plan and build their outdoor spaces, whether they’re renovating their properties or building a new home. As a licensed contractor, we offer the option to design and fully implement your project or you are welcome to use the plan to solicit your own installers.  Give us a call to help create a great place!

Are we the right designer for you?

We might be the right designer for you if:

  • You want to trust knowledgeable professionals with design decisions to create a unique and enjoyable outdoor space to complement your home.
  • You value ecologically-minded design and want to decrease water use and required maintenance.
  • You are seeking a comprehensive design, possibly including planting, paving and hardscape, irrigation, and lighting, and outdoor living features such as pools, spas, and kitchens.
  • You like the details of your project to be well thought out with consideration for style of your home, neighborhood.
  • If your outdoor space is valuable to your lifestyle.
  • Value added to your property is important

We might not be the right designer for you if:

  • You have a highly specific vision and want to make detailed design decisions.
  • You are unwilling to work with us through a thoughtful and creative process to design a functional, aesthetic, and enduring outdoor living space.
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